Month: December 2008

Stracotto di Manzo: Braised beef with mushrooms and wine

Dec. 16th My nephew Marco stayed with us for a few days…And here’s what we did… First night we had cream of cauliflower soup with grated jalapeño cheddar—yum! Followed by a fillet mignon dinner with a salad made with rughetta and gorgonzola and some veggie Next day we drove to Heber and had lunch at […]

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Mushroom Quiche and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Here are two recipes from Jane Brownley Jane made these two following dishes for a soirée poetry reading on Friday evening, November 21, 2008 for the lovely poet Denise Duhamel–the reading was fabulous! My friend and neighbor, book artist and quiltor Marianne Haycook, hosted and I cooked except for these two lovely dishes from Jane. […]

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