Here’s what I did yesterday…made 8 pizze rustiche!

I’m pretty sure the recipe is archived in one of my older blogs, but anyway, I change it all the time! So can you. 

Pizza Rustica
The dough is a sort of cookie dough–eggs, flour, butter, sugar, a pinch of salt and some iced water.

It takes a bottom crust that you’ll need to bake for a few minutes.  You may use an egg wash for the top crust.

Basically the filling is a ton of ham, salami, prosciutto, soprassata dolce, Swiss cheese–all cut up, ricotta, eggs, a little sugar, loads of mozzarella, parmigiano–shaved, shredded and/or grated. Salt and pepper, if desired–I didn’t use either this time.

You may use hard salami, soprassata piccante, Romano sliced cheese, Fontina, or any other great ingredient you want. It’s a dense mixture…and the salty/sweet combo is great!  Mangia bene! Enjoy!