Congrats to 3 FIU alum poets and 3 movie critques A lillte bit of everything, including movie run-downs

A lillte bit of everything, including movie run-downs

To all the readers of this bloggerino–

I would like to thank those of you who’ve recently purchased my poetry book. It does my heart a world of good to see those sales numbers change on

I would also like to congratulate three lovely poets from the FIU Creative Writing Program, whom I was privileged to know before they published: Emma Trellis, Susan Briante, and Rita Maria Martinez. Emma will read from her chapbook, Little Spells, along with Rita, who will read from her clever book, Jane-in-the-box, a collection based on Jane Austen, at the Miami Book Fair International this November. Congrats, Lovely Lady Poets!

Next I’d like to say that I saw a most wonderful and thought-provoking Italian film called Saturno Contro. It’s the story of a group of friends and follows their lives and loves. What a shame that American movies make films for the young, forgetting that their is an older, maturer population, who still love to go to the movies!

Appaloosa was a loser…a shame because Ed Harris and Viggo Mortenson are two wonderful actors. No plot, no story. Slow and dull–and I love westerns, and surely there are others out there hankering for a good one. The lean men had a great look–but the film fell short and squat.

Nights in Rodanthe. I’m sure every writer wonders why Nicholas Sparks’ novels translate so well to the screen. Predictable plot, but nonetheless engrossing, thanks to the chemistry between Richard Gere and Dianne Ladd. At least this tear-jerker entertained.

I missed seeing Body of Lies, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, who in my opinion has made leaps and bounds, hurtling a so-so career to become a fine actor. the movie got lukewarm reviews, but that never stops me from seeing a movie and judging for myself. Maybe I’ll catch this one on DVD.

End of soapbox. New recipes to follow…