Corn Fritters A no great shakes, no brainer goodie: corn fritters

A no great shakes, no brainer goodie: corn fritters

November 18th

Everyone craves something…we all have secret loves of food. In Italy, my son, Nico, grew up on Nutella, the Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread that comes in jars similar to peanut butter, and is now sold at Publix for $3.95. He grew up healthy, skinny and into a 6’3” frame—tasting everything and anything—including a fish eye, and rabbit’s brains.

Among other things he loves, are home-made corn fritters. I made corn on the cob the other night, and when I have a few cobs left over—corn on them, naturally—I pop them in a zip lock baggie and into the fridge for later on in the week, (sometimes I even freeze them and they’re great!) which worked out perfectly since Nico stayed unexpectedly for dinner after his plans disintegrated.

Here’s what I did. I cut the corn off two tender medium cobs, put the corn in a mini blender with 3/4 cup of flour (complete balderdash and a lie! I did it by eye), a splash of milk, two eggs, and instead of sugar, used 4-5 packets of Splenda, as I don’t want to be accused of anything “untoward,” since my husband has diabetes. Add two teaspoons of baking powder, two teaspoons of pure vanilla (never imitation …puleeese!).

Now here’s the tricky part—I always have on hand fennel seeds. Are they in your seasoning rack or pantry closet? If not, you might want to keep them on hand from now on. I put about one generous—that is heaping to over-flowing–tablespoon into a Teflon fry pan and put the heat up high to toast them. When they perfumed my kitchen, I took them off the heat and squashed the living daylights out of them with a potato masher—this does two things: it vents any anger you’ve been harboring, and it further releases the aroma of the seeds. Toss the seeds into the mixture.

You may add a pinch of salt. I did not do this last night, because the water in which I cooked the corn had already been lightly salted. When the mixture is completely blended, add a splash of brandy. I did this last night, sometimes I use Sambuca or Grand Marnier … but last night, I reached for Brandy, and it worked fine.

Heat corn oil (never olive!) to very hot in a lovely little fry pan with a study bottom that will hold at least 6 of these fritters. I usually do 6 at a time. Why? Because my mother-in-law, Amparito, did them this way, and I learned from her. No, she didn’t measure either.


2 medium shucked corn cobs
¾ cup of flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1 tablespoon of toasted fennel seeds
a splash of milk
two eggs
two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract
a splash of Brandy

Makes 18 to 24 fritters, depending on your generosity or miserly hand.

P. S. Yes, you can also use canned corn—for shame! And frozen corn, in a pinch, if you have no fresh-frozen from your own little mitts.