Armenian beef and lamb sausage Armenian beef and lamb sausage

Armenian beef and lamb sausage

First of all , I want to say THANKS to all you lovely people who commented on one of my blogs.
I haven’t been too constant, and can only blame it on being Giuliana’s Nonna Nina–so far she calls me a combination: Nonni, and I am totally snookered!
Next, I want to congratulate the youngest member of the Screw Iowa Writers:
Melissa Westemeier on the publication of her debut chick lit book: Whipped, Not Beaten,available through Cornerstone Books. I ordered ten copies to give as Valentine’s gifts to friends. And I advise you all that for only a $12 investment, you’ll have wonderful reading entertainment! Melissa writes a fun, informative and interesting blog as the:
Green Girl of Wisconsin.
My son Nico made this recipe of Armenian black sausage (below)–either click on this or copy and paste into your browser

He experimented and did 4 times the recipe–much harder to work with, and he advises to do only a kilo or 2.2 lbs at a time like the recipe calls for.
And if you go here you’ll find a picture of it (I hope)–didn’t know how to transfer it.

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I wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous and creative New Year!