Asian eggplants Sicilian style Asian Eggplants Sicilian Style with Zing!

Asian Eggplants Sicilian Style with Zing!

October 2, 2008

Asian Eggplants Sicilian Style with a super-duper ingredient to give it just enough zing: Bob’s Country Sauce!


2-3 lbs of Asian (the long skinny kind) of eggplants…don’t panic, if you can’t get them—just use regular ones…cut long and skinny, leaving the skin, but take most of the seeds out.
½ onion cut to feathery fineness
6 scallions, cut thin, including the green tops
6 garlic scapes, sliced thin
6 cloves of garlic (large chunks)
6 tablespoons of tomato sauce—plain, a dash of olive oil, a clove of garlic
1 lb of baby bellas (portobellas)
1 lb of ground pork
4 ounces dices sweet pimento (or use a finely cut and diced sweet red pepper )
olive oil
white wine
hot pepper
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
3 tablespoons of Bob’s country Sauce (the super-duper ingredient for zing!)

Fry the eggplant and set aside
Fry the mushrooms and add the garlic scapes and scallions. Set aside.
Fry the pork and set aside

In a little olive oil, wilt, thin cut onion with the garlic whole so you can take find easily and take out…and hot pepper for those that like it!

Add wine, then tomato sauce, soy, sweet diced pimento—if you have only red pepper—you need to cook this with the onion, and finally Bob’s “Zingy” Country Sauce

Add the eggplant, mushrooms, and pork. Stir so that the sauce wets all the ingredients.
Add salt, ginger and adjust for taste…may need more of bob’s country Sauce, or a dash or tomato or wine…up to you—my dish is happily drunk and merrily tomato red!

This dish may be made more sweet and sour by adding a dash of sugar and a splash of vinegar.

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