Barolo Wine Tasting Barolo Wine Tasting in Park City

Barolo Wine Tasting in Park City

July 10, 2009

( I was unable to post this blog yesterday! )
Barolo Wine Tasting Park City

Today Felipe and I tasted a Gavi villa Saparina which was extremely dry–probably would go nicely with fish.

Next we tasted: a red-fruited and aromatic wine
Barolo (Serradenardi) 2004
This would go well with wild mushroom risotto, pasta with truffles, venison, pheasant, or red meat

The 2004 Barolo Serralunga d’Alba was a nice wine, lighter in color and texture for my pallet.
this wine would sell for about $65.

Next we tasted a Barolo from Famiglia Anselmo 2003 and it was for me a wine of super tannins, also for about the same price as the Serralung d’ Alba.
And last but certainly not least we tasted a 2001 Barolo Tenimenti (Vigna La Villa)

Fontana Fredda (Paiagallo) This wine sells for around $130 a bottle–if you can find it, and you can’t here in Park city. Most likely places to locate it: New York and Florida.
It was a very earthy taste–a hint of mushrooms and truffles and less tannins than the Famiglia Anselmo.

Barolo is a small grape-growing and wine-producing area in the north of Italy and the wines are from the nebbiolo grape.

Here are some of my favorite red wines, most of which have body are robust: Dolcetto, which means sweet little thing , but isn’t sweet at all, it’s a lovely wine. Other favorites include: Nebbiolo, Barbaresco. Babera, Brunello, Gaja. I like all the expensive “aia’s”: Solaia, Sassicaia, Lupicaia, Ornellaia, and less expensive but still great wines: Grattamaco, Tignanello, and the list goes on … and on!

Sadly, after all those lovely reds, the last wine on the tasting menu was a 2006 Moscato (Moncucco) Fontana Fredda (Tenimenti), which Felipe and I didn’t bother to try–I’d use that wine probably only for cooking veal! though some people like a sweet wine to accompany cakes and fruits after dinner…for me, you can keep them!