Uncategorized Being a Book Blogger by Carmen Harris

Being a Book Blogger by Carmen Harris

Being a Book Blogger

by Carmen Harris


This is my first guest post on Nina’s website, and I’m really happy to be here. So thank you to Nina for hosting me! In today’s guest post I’m going to talk a little bit about being a book blogger.

It’s already over halfway through the year and I’ve been having a real awesome time being a full time book blogger. Though take note – it’s not always sunshine and roses!

There are days where I fall behind with some things, or I’ve somehow managed to put myself in a tight corner by having too many books to read on my to-read list for the month. There are days where some tasks become tedious, or I’m not enjoying a book as much as I thought I would.

But enough of the negative stuff, let’s move onto the positive.

Even though I’m still in the beginning stages of being self-employed, I haven’t been in the book blogging industry long – I started in 2016 – so I’m still trying to figure things out and going through a lot of trial and error. I started when I saw that there were other people that did things like book reviews and talk about books in videos on Youtube – initially, it actually started as a hobby but then grew into a passion.

I’ve been very grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been able to participate in so far – there are a lot of interesting authors I’ve been exposed to since starting my book blogging journey; I focus a lot on self-published and indie authors, though I do read your more traditional authors when I’m able to do some leisure reading. I also read quite a wide range of genres, though I do have a few favourite genres that I prefer reading.

Before I decide to read a book for review, I usually go and read an excerpt on Amazon to see if I’m going to enjoy the book as well as check that I don’t blindly read a book that I might find problematic later.

I prefer to leave positive reviews, though if there is anything negative I have to say, I try to say it as gently and as tactfully as possible.

One thing I struggle with occasionally is having enough things to say about a book – I post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and my own blog, and I try to say different things I liked about the book in each of them.

Since I’ve always got something to do, sometimes I struggle to divide my time up where I get constructive and important things done – there are times where I even leave things until the last minute (not the wisest of things)!

Ordinarily I try to do at least one review a week, but if I’ve overloaded myself – sometimes I find myself doing three to four reviews a week! But there are also other times where I get a little bit ahead in my reading – which usually allows me to do some leisure reading. Overall, I usually blog at least once a week, though two is usually the minimum.

One thing I’m still trying to figure out is how I navigate the financial side of book blogging – this is where a lot of the trial and error has come in. It also takes time to get some of these things up and running the way they should be as well, though some people have the talent (as well as the enormous support!) to bring results a little bit faster.

Avenues I’m trying to get up and running, are things like Youtube, Patreon and my Etsy Store.

Other things I want to get up and running, is things like affiliate links (that is related to books), I also do proofreading and also want to turn that into a source of income, I’ve recently started posting on Bloglovin and am wanting to see if I get anywhere with that, I might decide to do (bookish) ads on my blog in the future, I also want to see where I can take my passion for writing in the future.

I’m fortunate to have my sister creating a blog website for me while I do my posts on Blogspot. For now, running a blogging site is cheap, though in the future I am expecting expenses to increase to about medium level.

Social media is also another thing that can take up some of my time – there are times where I really enjoy doing it, but then there are days where I definitely don’t feel like going on social media – it’s one of those things that have ups and downs for me depending on how much else I have on my plate.

Overall, I find book blogging very rewarding, even though I’m still in the learning stages. And I find learning to be quite an important aspect of life, as well as passion.


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