Cannoli filling Cannoli filling

Cannoli filling

My friend Marni liked the carrot cake and asked me if I had a recipe for cannoli filling–it’s also the same filling used in cassata cakes. For the filling–no measurements, so go by taste–some like it sweeter than others.

So here’s that recipe from my head–don’t have my files or books with me here in the wilds of the Wasatch Mountains.

Ricotta, vanilla, and powdered sugar all blended together–add chocolate bits and/or candied fruit. Sometimes I used to add a little Sambuca, or fior di arrancio, or Grand Marnier. The ricotta has a stronger flavor in Italy as it’s so fresh. A little old lady used to come around in the early summer mornings in san Felice Circeo when Nico was little and she carried the ricotta, steaming hot in little wicker baskets.

Nico would eat it with fresh made blackberry jam or neighborhood honey. Sometimes he’d spread it on bread or pizza-pane. I learned how to make cannoli (shells and all!) because my Dad loved them. I used to keep them stored in a cookie tin and fill them when needed. He only liked the chocolate. He wasn;’t nuts for frutta candida–even home made, so I’d just put a cherry at each end. Mio caro, dolce Pappa’–how I’d love to make thee for him today.