Carrot cake Carrot Cake (in English & Italian)

Carrot Cake (in English & Italian)

This Carrot Cake recipe is bilingual. I wrote it for Sandra and Franco Brasolin’s youngest daughter, Ornella, who tasted it in the good old US of A. These are dear friends of ours, and we’ve known them since before our son was born. Franco manufactures jewelry in Milano, and Felipe and I translate for him when he does the spring JCK show in the Venetian in Las Vegas. We dine out every night of the show, and eat good food, and while eating, like all good Italians, we talk about food—that being served, that which has been consumed recently, etc.

Per: Ornella
For: Ornella

Eccoci qua la ricetta per Carrot Cake.
Here is the recipe for CARROT CAKE

Ha bisogno di una teglia quadrata di 20 cm. Ungi bene la teglia, e spargere farina sopra.
You need a square pan about 8 inches by 8.

Ungi bene la teglia e spargere la farina.
Butter the pan and sprinkle with flour.

Devi mettere tutti gli ingredienti fuori dal frigo per u’ora prima.
Place all of the ingredients outside of the fridge for about an hour beforehand.

1 tazza di farina passata, e ripassarla
1 cup of all purpose sifted flour, sift again.

1 cucchiaio di lievito (polvere bianco)
1 spoonful if baking powder

1 cucchiaio di cannella
1 spoonful of cinnamon

½ cucchiaio di sale
½ spoonful of salt

Mescolare tutti gli ingredienti sopra e aggiunge:
Mix all the ingredients above and add:

2/3 tazza di olio vegetale
2/3 cup of vegetable oil

1 tazza di zucchero
1 cup of sugar

2 uova mescolate bene
2 eggs well beatten

Poi aggiungere:
Then add:

½ tazza di noce
½ cup of chooped nuts (any nuts will do)

1 & ½ tazze di carote gratucciate
1 & ½ cups of grated carrots

Versare dentro la teglia imburatta e mettere in forno caldo basso ( 180)per circa 30 minuti.
Pour the mix into a buttered pan and place in a hot oven (350) for about 30 minutes.

Servire con formagio di crema Philadelphia o puoi fare un “icing” dolce di:
Then serve with cream cheese or make icing of:

¾ tazza di zucchero a velo passato
¾ cup of powdered sugar

3 ounces (supergiu 1 etto) di cream cheese
3 ounces of soft cream cheese

1 & ½ chucchiaio scorza di limone o arrancio grattuciato
1 & ½ spoonfuls of lemon or orange zest

1 chucchiaio di vanilla
1 spoonful of vanilla

Lavorare bene il formaggio e aggiunge lo zucchero lentamente e poi gli altri ingredienti.
Blend the cream chees well and add the sugarslowly and then all the other ingredients.

Quando il dolce é freddo, poi spargere il “icing.”
When the cake is cold

Spero che mi caspisci!
Hope you understand me!