Colors of the Fall Soup Colors of the Fall Soup

Colors of the Fall Soup

October 7th
Colors of the Fall Soup

Here it is plain and simple:

Water, preferably wet and if you live in Florida, filtered
Salt and pepper (may be hot!)
Garlic cloves
Sweet potato
Fresh plum tomatoes or a can of Hunt’s
One orange cauliflower
One regular cauliflower
One broccolo (green cauliflower)
A generous dash of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Carrots, if desired
Celery, if desired
Yellow squash, if desired
Parsnip, if desired
Corn, if desired, on or off the cob—if on, then cut into 2 inch pieces
Mushrooms, if desired
A splash of good white wine, if desired
Bouillon cubes, if desired

As copious amounts of water burble up in a humongous pot, start tossing in the harder cut-up, chopped up, sliced and diced veggies (there is no wrong way to do this, get over it and just do it.) The last autumn gifts to go into the pot are the 3 big heads of cauliflower—one will do nicely for less soup or less hearty eaters. About ten minutes will do, and then turn off the heat and cover. That’s it. Adjust for salt and pepper. Serve with brushcetta, smeared with garlic, sprinkled with salt and inundated with olive oil—of course, Extra Virgin First Cold Press. Have you ever been to a frantoio where they cull and crush the olives? Well then … you know.

If fresh tomatoes are used, skin them and mash, otherwise for you niftieswifties, who don’t want to bother with that, use a can of Hunt’s tomato sauce–size depends on quantity soup. Oh and it goes without saying, the fresh veggies have been washed before you cook them.