Dennis Lehane's new book: The Given Day Dennis Lehane: The Given Day

Dennis Lehane: The Given Day

Dennis Lehane scores again…BIG TIME!!!

Congrats, Dennis!

Well you can pre-order his book, The Given Day, a 704 page historical novel on at the reduced price of $18 and change, and I suggest you do, as opposed to the $27 change you’ll be paying when the book hits the biggie bookstores.

Thank you, Dennis, for this resurgence and interest in history and the historical novel! Here’s proof-positive that Dennis Lehane is not just a terrific mystery writer, as if that’s a slur, but a notable, epic writer as well.

You can read about him and his blockbusting best-seller to-be in the NY Times “The Arts” section September 18, 2008. He’s on the first page with a glowing review by Janet Meslin. Also find an interview clip with Dennis Lehane on by Harper-Collins

Invest the money, I guarantee you won’t be sorry.