Easy Summer Cooking...all in one pot: veal,sausage and peppers Easy Summer Cooking…all in one pot: veal , sausage and peppers

Easy Summer Cooking…all in one pot: veal , sausage and peppers

I made this dish for a “literary salon” back in February, I believe, it was a mild and lovely Sunday. The party was at my friend and neighbor-artist, Marianne Haycook’s beautiful digs in sunny south Florida.
We were graced with the presence of Lynne Barrett and Johnny Dufresne who read for us on the patio–check out the pics above. The group was totally mesmerized, hanging on every word. The writing was great and funny and poignant and the reading of it was just plain wonderful. They both read Memoir.

The platter above: Veal, Sausage, and Peppers: great for a party!
It’s a snap…
Grill or fry the sausage–hot and/or sweet–5-7 lbs at least, yes you may also use Sicilian scivolata as well (these are skinny sausages made with fennel seed, grated cheese and parsley) or a combination of these
slice 3-5 lbs of veal into slivers
5-6 sliced (any old which way) potatoes of use the little red ones and quarter them
4-5 red pepper, sliced
3 yellow peppers, sliced
1 green pepper (just for color and the hell of it!), sliced
1 whole onion, sliced
4-5 garlic cloves sliced
1 1/2 lbs fresh tomatoes cut into wedges
1 cup of red or white wine
olive oil
3-4 yellow summer squash (optional)
3-4 zucchini (optional)
Cut the partially cooked and cooled sweet and hot grilled ( or fried) sausage on an angle..as thick or thin as you desire, and cut the hot sausage in fat rounds. the scivoata in inch pieces.
In a huge oven pan with high sides add the sausage, veal, peppers, onion, garlic, potatoes,tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste–easy on the pepper if you have a lot of hot sausage. (in this particular dish, I did add both types of squash after about 1/2 the cook time–it was a big crowd of good eaters!)
Irrigate with olive oil and wine, and say a prayer it’ll turn out great. Place it in a hot oven and cook for an hour turning every so often.
Remember the my old Mafia cousin’s adage: the more you put in, the more you find. May Gianni rest in peace!