Uncategorized Eggplant “Cordon Bleu” alla Nina

Eggplant “Cordon Bleu” alla Nina

Okay, you had a dose of poetry, now here’s a real dose of something heavenly for your taste buds.

No fooling around here with measurements today. As my husband always says about my poetry: “I get it,” or “I don’t get it”–so you either get it, or don’t bother making it.

Eggplant sliced lengthwise, not too thin–grilled or fried–make as little or as much as you want.  You can make this for two or for twenty!

In a large rectangle Pyrex or oven-proof baking dish, smear with olive oil.

Dip the already cooked eggplant slices into a mixture of seasoned breadcrumbs and drizzle with olive oil and bake on both sides for a few minutes.

You can use raw eggplant slices and dip these in egg and breadcrumb and then you can just bake them without the grilling or frying--I skip that part.  Here’s why: I like to have a batch of already prepared eggplant so I can do one of several things with them…roll and stuff them ,or make eggplant parmigiana, or put them in other dishes, such as baked pasta, etc.  Your choice.

Pop these out of the oven and spread on any sliced cheeses you like or have handy: Fontina, Emmmental, Mozzarella, or a mix of these.  
Cover this with two or three thin-slices of ham or prosciutto. If you use prosciutto, do not remove the fat…it’ll cook off and be yum.  

Add some more crumbs, and another drizzle of oil.  Then add sliced fresh tomato and fresh basil…more breadcrumbs, some grated parmigiano and a splash of olive oil–sometimes I use truffle oil when I feel extravagant or wan to perk things up a bit.

Place under the broiler on high for a few minutes–peek in the door to see when all is looking perfectly done and oozing pure deliciousness, and you will be eating a fine dish with only a very little dent in your pocketbook.