Fandango Fandango


Yesterday I bought a cookbook in a highly unlikely place to sell books: Coldwater Creek!

The book is titled: fandango, which caught my attention immediately because I fling that word around in stuff I write. The book was originally marked at $45, then reduced to half price and then marked down again and I got another 25% off, etc…

In the end a fabulous cookbook by Sandy Hill, with a FOREWORD by Martha Stewart, and with gorgeous pictures and 125 lovely recipes by Stephanie Valentine, cost me a whopping $7

There’s a picture of the painting: The Fandango 1873 by Charles Christian Nahl (Crocker Art Museum, E. B. Crocker Collection) on page 63 of the cookbook. And the book is filled with history and romance! My kind of cookbook exactly!

Okay so what’s this all about? INSPIRATION, pure and simple. I want to write a cookbook. I find a lovely example of one and it gets me thinking–that’s what writers do–they think before they write.

I told my idea to Linda Bladholm, Miami food and cookbook author: see her page on amazon! ( ) She said this idea about me wanting to write a cookbook is not totally off the wall. I also told her that my recipes are scattered–that is to say, they’re not just Italian–they’re a whoop=di=do kind of potpourri-melange. So I figure I need a theme. Got one? Anyone who has read my blogs?

If so clue me and I’ll be happy to post them and give you complete credit for them on this very bloggerino.