Villa Adriana Fettuccine with Fresh Artichokes

Fettuccine with Fresh Artichokes

Fettuccine with fresh artichokes!

Olive oil, cleaned, quartered artichokes & stems, garlic, white wine, fresh parsley, fresh mint (salt and pepper top taste) water, grated cheese

Heat olive oil and garlic. Raise the heat. Add artichokes, salt , pepper. When wilted, add 1 cup water, one cup vino. Cover tightly and reduce heat. Let simmer for 30-40 minutes. Add fresh parsley and fresh mint (wild always better, called mentuccia in Italy–stronger flavor than just regular old mint! It grows roadside in Rome!)

Cook the pasta al dente, toss with the artichoke sauce and add some grated Parmigiano Reggiano. toss. Sprinkle a little more parsley on top. Eat like a king. You can also add peas or and /or fresh mushrooms when the artichokes are 1/2 cooked.
I always cover the heavy skillet or pot with brown paper so none of the vapor escapes–and then put the lid on. This is the way I was taught in 1971 by the “portiera” (concierge or door lady) of our first apartment in Rome on Via Alberto Cadlolo # 15. Grazie ancora, Domenica Centini!
This picture is courtesy of Katie Mc Cray, taken in April 2008 in a little trattoria near Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana) We visited the ruins–quite near to Tivoli and Villa d’Este.