This is one of my favorite greens to make a salad…in Italian it’s called “gallinella” little chicken, and in English I believe it’s called lamb lettuce, although I’ve never found it here in the US of A. the salad comes in little bunches with the roots attached…cut these off and clean and wash well.

the vendor in the market is the daughter of a vendor I used to purchase form years ago–who also sold wonderful wild mushrooms, especially cantarelli, porcini and ovali in season.

You can dress the salad simply with good olive oil and red wine vienegar, salt and pepper to taste, or you can add a pressed garlic clove and a little anchovy: paste or fillets smashed! Yum!

This picture is courtesy of Katie MacCray, taken in the Balduina Market April, 2008. I purchased some of this fresh and crips salad and gave it our dear friend Luciana Bussoletti, whose husband owns Casa Chic in Piazza Mazzareze, and with it she made us an excellent salad and a dish of pasta with radicchio. (More on that tomorrow…maybe)