Caputo's TIPICA,Salt Lake City If you’re in Salt Lake City some evening…try Caputo’s

If you’re in Salt Lake City some evening…try Caputo’s

Congrats to TIPICA, a Caputo Dining Project!

Felipe and I had dinner in Caputo’s and I must say it’s an interesting project called Tipica…which means Typical in Italian. In the evening Caputo’s Italian Market & Deli turns into a lovely little restaurant…prices are reasonable too! and so are the wines!

There are no second patters–that is to say, the menu consists of only pasta, risotti, insalate, contorni, zuppa and dolci! So who cares about meat and fish when you can do as Felipe and I did.

We split a saffron risotto (moderately priced at $17) with Rock Shrimp and Louisiana Lump Crab, and split a Piemontese beef and porcini ragout (also $17)–my comment on this was–don’t bother using the porcini mushrooms–they get lost in the sauce. I’d use plain old champignon. Save the porcini to use (as they do in Italy!) by themselves with garlic, hot pepper, parsley and good olive oil! Or do them up in a light cream sauce.

The Deli has some very interesting cheeses, delicious sausages–I’m using some in the sauce tonight: Barolo, porcini, tradizionale, and Calabrese…which are a little hot), and all sorts of wonderful De Cecco pasta, and some fancy made artiginale…artisan! For instance if you’re looking for a black ink (from squid) fettuccine…they have it. I’ve also bought some extravagant and wonderful salts there such as Fleur de sel, porcini salt and truffle salt…all under $20

They also have cooking classes: