Malfatti: spinach dumplings with sage Malfatti: spinach dumplings wiht sage

Malfatti: spinach dumplings wiht sage


Literally this translates to badly made…because the shapes are not always uniform. Basically these are spinach and ricotta dumplings.

Severs 6-8 people, depending on appetites and what else you’re serving~!
Important thing to remember is to drain the spinach tightly to get all the water out.

I use fresh spinach but you can use frozen, chopped. I cook the “cut leaf” spinach (some people discard the stems, but this is total nonsense…just cut them up small!) Place in a huge heavy fry pan with no water…only the water that’s left from washing the spinach (and draining it as tightly as possible.


¾ stick of butter, about 6 tablespoons
¾ cup minced onion
4 X 10 ounce bag of frozen spinach or or 4 lbs fresh
2 cups of ricotta
2 beaten eggs
1-1 ½ cups of grated Parmigiano
salt to taste…at least 1 teaspoon
black coarse ground pepper—to taste at least a teaspoon
nutmeg to taste, at least ½ teaspoon
fresh sage leaves a few for each plate
7-8 tablespoons of flour, and extra for the sprinkle on hands to form dumpings


Steam spinach with the cover on a few minutes…take cover off and cook off any excess water. When cool squeeze the spinach so all the liquid is out. Use paper towels for this.

Melt butter and wilt the onion.

Add spinach.

Remove form heat and add ricotta.

Mix well.

Pour mix into a bowl and add eggs, cheese, and spices.

Fling in the flour—I sift mine.

Cover and chill for at least 1 hour. May be made a day ahead of time—just leave it overnight and it’ll be fine.

Roll in your floured hands about a tablespoon or a little less into fat finger-sized dumplings or croquettes.

Cook in boiling, salted water about 7 minutes. When they rise to the top, use a slotted spoon and take them out. When slightly cooled serve in a warmed bowl with butter, grated cheese…what kind? Parmigiano, of course! And top with a few leaves of fresh sage, if you have it.

May also be served with plain red red sauce…just don’t drown the dumplings!