Park City, Utah

April 6, 2008

Change of pace today! No food talk, no recipes … well at least not for the moment—maybe later. Since this is “A Writer’s Blog” right now I wanted to share a scenic view so you can see what inspires me to write when I’ve parked my duff in Utah for a bit. (John Dufresne’s First Rule of Writing is: “Sit your ass in the chair!”) While I was revising out west in February and March, for instance, I needed a winter scene for my novel.

This novel isn’t set in the US west, it’s actually in the East—the FAR EAST—China to be exact. But snow is snow and winter is winter and there you have it. I can look out any window and see splendid nature. As I was struggling with this snowy section of the manuscript, lo and behold if the Universe didn’t conspire to give me precisely what I wanted—a view—actually several views, but for now this is all I’m posting.

Photo : Stefan Scimone