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Peppers and Eggs

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My Grandma’s PEPPERS AND EGGS … a meatless Friday night dinner when I was growing up, or a Friday night get you out of the doldrums kinda recipe. Now all you mystery writers can take that titillating hint why we didn’t eat meat on Friday and use it as a clue for a short story.

Grab hold of a big fry pan and pour in some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Fry a bunch of potatoes, set aside. Fry a bunch of onions, set aside.
Fry at least 7 humongous yellow peppers and add the potatoes and onions break in 7-9 eggs salt, pepper, and swoosh it all around—you should see some egg whites, some yolks, and a whole lot of mixed up peppers, potatoes, and onions. There you have it.
But my Grandma made it with green peppers and no onions. Try it either way. And if you’re a pepper-lover, you can also go for a tri-colored dish, using red, yellow and green peppers.