His Gesture,Starbucks cCappucino Poem: His Gesture, Starbucks Cappucino

Poem: His Gesture, Starbucks Cappucino

A poem by Nina Romano
Photo curtesy of Free Foto .com


is so sweet,
I want to melt.

He’s blond, a little taller than she
and stands behind her
as she orders Starbucks’ cappuccino
rich and tall with froth on top.

He gently rubs her back,
his hand moves in tiny circles
that spiral up and down.
It is at once sensual,
yet tender and protective.

He loves her.
He nuzzles her back

then slowly lifts
and leans his head
onto her shoulder,
turning inward slightly

pushing back her hair
to kiss her bare neck,
and I want to swoon.
I want to be a part of this love
so private

yet made in such a public

so easily expressed.
Then I think of the times
when I was young
and my husband dropped

my hand in public.
So I will go home now
to caress the dog behind his ears
to feel his hot breath
on my cheek and on my neck.