Sweet Ricotta Pie Ricotta pie (sweet dessert)

Ricotta pie (sweet dessert)

Ricotta pie
(Makes 2)

2 deep dish pie crusts
2 lbs. of fresh ricotta
3 eggs
1 cup of pinoli (pine nuts)
1 bar of unsweetened (Ghiradelli) chocolate (75%-85% pure cacao) broken, shaved bits
1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar
(may use 2 tablespoons of milk, if mix is too dense)
1 teaspoon of vanilla
(may use lemon zest, if desired)
a pinch of salt

Beat eggs, and add ricotta. Blend till smooth. Add sugar, nuts and chocolate

Pour mix into pie shells and bake in a heated oven at 350 degrees for 40 t0 45 minutes.

If you wish to make your own, sweet crust for this, write me a note and I’ll give you the directions. It’s pretty when you criss-cross the dough on top…lovely for an Easter Sunday.