Sanibel Island Writers Conference 2009 and PBPF 2010 Sanibel Island Writers Conference 2009 and PBPF 2010

Sanibel Island Writers Conference 2009 and PBPF 2010

Yes, I have been away for close to two months, but grass hasn’t been growing under my feet.

So here’s the latest report on two different but equally wonderful writerly experiences that have been occupying my time.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to blog and there are several things I’d like to say, and since no blog cop is in sight or in the area to stop me, I shall plow ahead.

November’s Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference ( was nothing short of an incredible experience for me. I taught a poetry workshop to a lovely group of interested participants! And all the other frills and thrills that came along with the conference made it fun, energetic and informative.

So many terrrific writers were present and to name a few: John Dufresne, Carl Hiaasen, Steve Almond, and Lauren Small–learn more about Lauren: and

To my way of thinking, the conference was a complete success because of the interesting writers who presented, the eager participants, but most of all to Tom DeMarchi’s great organizational skills. Everything went off without a hitch and worked like clockwork, and even the weather cooperated.

Moving on to the next topic: The Palm Beach Poetry Festival

In a word: fantabulous!

I had the extreme good fortune to serve as intern/assistant to Marie Howe. I will try to organize my notes from her workshop and post these just as soon as I finish my novel LAST novel revision—a matter of days.

The craft talks and readings by Marie Howe, Carolyn Forché, Kevin Young, Steven Dobyns, Thomas Lux, Mary Cornish and Ilya Kaminsky and two Florida poets: Jay Hopler and Sidney Wade were brilliant and thrilling—an incredible range of voices, styles and musicality.