Signings and Readings Signings and Readings

Signings and Readings

May 19, 2008

Leonard Nash (You Can’t Get There From Here, silver medalist of the Florida Book Awards for short fiction) and I had a book signing at Waldenbooks in Pompano Beach, on May 10th.
He sent me some pictures, but I can’t access them due to serious lack of my son’s presence here to help me! So they’ll get here on the blog eventually! Anyway, the signing was fun and we ate too much Italian pastry!

Thanks to Kim, the manager, and all the other wonderful salespeople who made the signing fun!

On another happy note, Lynne Barrett, Leonard Nash and this blog-writer are reading at Open Doors in Miami tomorrow night, May 20th! All are welcome–it’s a cheese and wine event … so bring your friends. Consider this an open invitation to come and schmooze and enjoy a cup of spirits.

My novel, The Secret Language of Women, a work-in-progress, will be discussed by the very kind and generous Lighthouse Point Reading Group at the Lighthouse Point Library on May 23rd! Actual readers, not writers are going to discuss my book with me present–how cool is that?! Now that’s a lovely!

Due to a lack of time, these announcements never made it to my website Media Page, sorry to say.

I have tons of pictures and recipes from our whirlwind two week trip to Italy in April and will be posting lots of goodies soon, I hope, that is in-between two writing conferences … IWWG “Remember the Magic” in Saratoga Springs (actually the Skidmore Campus) mid-June, where Lynne Barret will be teaching a writing seminar; and then another private conference with the Screw Iowa Writing Group! in Fraser, CO towards the end of June. Hotsy-totsy!

Don’t you just wish you could be a little bird in order to fly onto that porch overlooking the Rockies when we discuss our novels, talk of nothing but writing, sex, men, and the possibility of becoming nuns when we’re widows to gain immediate entrance into cloisters where we can continue our scribblings like St. Therese of Avila, and at the hour of our death be carried on fiery chariots by a host of angels into the Heavenly Realms! Ok, so maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration …