Spaghetti alla Putanesca Spaghetti alla puttanesca

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

2nd recipe of his lovely Sunday, Sept. 21 in the Wasatch Mountains

Spaghetti alla Putanesca
Spaghetti Whore’s Style

Basically it’s home style sauce, “casalinga,” that’s been dolled up, tarted-up, coquetted-up to look and taste fancier and make a sensation on or off the streets!


Olive oil
Plum tomatoes
½ glass of white wine
Hot pepper

Flood the bottom of a huge heavy fry pan with olive oil and fling in a bunch of garlic.

When the garlic is golden and just browning—toss in a small can of anchovies, oil and all. Jump back quickly or you’ll burn yourself with a firecracker starburst of hot oil. In other words, cover the pot immediately or suffer the consequences. this is one of the reasons chefs cook with white jackets and aprons. The other reason is so that we can distinguish them form priests.

Add ½ glass of white wine and raise the heat.

In two minutes or so add 2 lbs of peeled plum Italian tomatoes. Capers, black olives and chopped fresh parsley, some basil leaves. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes. In the meantime cook the spaghetti. Ok, reader, the golden rule of spaghetti cooking is??? Of course, abundant salted water in a big, not skimpy mind you pot. Don’t overcook it—usually 8 minutes will do,. In the mountains add 2-3 minutes more…you’re going to have to taste it, to be sure. I just give a few strands to FR and he serves as cavia….guinea pig.

Not any, and I mean absolutely not a drop of cheese is used in this pasta dish.

Serve immediately.