Uncategorized Spinach pie: possible update on an older recipe!

Spinach pie: possible update on an older recipe!

Spinach pie
Marie Callender deep dish frozen pie crust–they sell them two in a package at Publix in Florida and Fresh Market in Utah
Poke with a fork all over–don’t need weights! and bake high 400 for 10 minutes about
(You can make your own, but it’s added work and time!)
Fresh spinach (at least a lb!) sauteed with garlic, hot pepper and olive oil. 
When the spinach wilts, toss garlic and pepper and remove spinach from the water it kicks out and squeeze as much juice as possible out of it–I use paper towels and a sieve.
Chop afterward…you can use frozen, too, sometimes I use both.
two eggs
grated and/or shaved parmigiano cheese 
pine nuts 
a tablespoon or less of sugar (sometimes two packets of Splenda or a little Stevia)
seasonings: black pepper, nutmeg,
no salt because the parmigiano cheese is salty enough 
Top with seasoned breadcrumbs and dabs of butter
Bake high at 400 for 10 minutes and then at 375 for another 20-25 
I can’t give you ingredient amounts because I do it all by eye and feel and usually make more than one. Sorry!
The other two I made that day I added cut up ham and salami and froze them for New Year’s for Nico and my sister-in-law Donna.