Plug for Sellers at Open Market The Summer Wednesday Market in Park City

The Summer Wednesday Market in Park City

Here is a sampling of what I found: Beehive Cheese CO. makes hand crafted cheeses and all of these cheeses are made form Utah milk! Yippee! There’s a great variety and we bought several to taste…I can’t say they are inexpensive–but have you checked out the prices in supermarkets of other cheeses lately? here’s what we tried:
Promontory cheddar (smoked with Apple and Walnuts a 7 oz piece cost $7.
Promontory cheddar aged 22 months –Paprika rubbed approx. 8 oz. same price
“Barely Buzzed” is a mild cheese coated and rubbed with espresso and lavender and I found it yummy!

We bought lobsters Freshies Lobster Co. Shore to Door in 24!!! and they were live and delicious Maine beauties. About $17 a lb–that’s cheaper than the supermarket prices by $5 a lb. If you are hankering for a taste of the sea here in the Wasatch mountains order from them.

Next we tried an Asiago baked Italian loaf and a ciabatta made by Volker’s Bakery–they feature artisan bread. E-mail They also had a strudel that looked very tempting–we steered clear of that. After all , if you’re not running, how many carbs can you do in a day?

I bought fresh Swiss chard, basil, white eggplant, huge zucchini, and turnips form local growers…didn’t get their name or contact, but I will next week when we shop for fresh mushrooms (see an earlier blog for those beauties.) We have guests for dinner next Wed. night so I am making a mushroom medley with fresh pasta…if I haven’t put that recipe on this blog yet, I sure will this week.