Tiramisu Tiramisu (to die for!)

Tiramisu (to die for!)

(to die for!) Serves 6
Lovely for a Sunday dessert or an after dinner delish surprise for guests.

Tiramisú: literally translates to “pick-me-up” (I should warn you, it’s a zillion and a half calories!)

Things needed:

1 yanga (as in big) package of Alessi (14 0z.) or Bellino (17 0z) Savoiardi (Ladyfingers)
or Gilda—a French brand name 2 X (7 0z.) packages

7 to 9 of the freshest eggs (check out the date, and don’t used cracked eggs)

16 oz. thingbee of Marscarpone Belgioioso (Publix sells the 8 oz size, you’ll need 2 of

7 generous, never skimpy, tablespoons of sugar, or about a tablespoon for each egg.

6-7 cups of strong, sugared, cooled espresso (don’t even think of using brown or American coffee–shame on you!)

Any and all of the following liquors: Cointreau. Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, Sambuca,
or whatever booze you like! (If you make this dish for recovering alcoholics use anice per acqua or anise for water–it has the taste of Sambuca but is non-alcoholic)

One large square or oblong Pyrex glass dish (sides should be high enough, maybe 3 in. to layer
the Ladyfingers) you may use Italian or Portuguese ceramic or porcelain dishes if you are lucky enough to possess them (Casafina Stone may be purchased online at plainjanescloset.com)

A large bar of Lindt, or some other dark chocolate bar that you like. Grate half, and nick off the rest into silvers, pieces, and chunks. Put aside.

A can of Ghirardelli (double chocolate) hot chocolate powder (you’ll need about 3 tablespoons)

1 hand mixer (but if you are fed up with this electronic age, you can skip this, I know, because I made Tiramisú on a boat crossing from Sardegna to Corsica with a small hand beater.

Make sugared coffee, and put into a large bowl, and set aside

Marscarpone and eggs should be at room temp

Separate the eggs and beat the yolks with the sugar till it is a delightful thick cream.

Beat whites till they are peaky little moguls and ready slopes for a downhill ski race.

Add marscarpone into the yolk cream, smoosh around for an even texture—be careful not to “beat” this mixture, and then fold in the whites and douse with liquor (up to individual how much—I like mine pretty soused and I mix the booze!

Dip each of the cookies into the caffé and layer the bottom of your glass dish, tightly, one
kissing the other.

Pour the blended mix over to cover and then dust generously with Ghirardelli powder and
sprinkle with the grated chocolate and fling in some of the bigger bits.

Repeat this process until the whole dish is filled. Top layer should be smothered with powdered chocolate and bits. Cover and pop it in the fridge for several hours to cool. My be served with fresh whipped cream for total hedonistic overkill.

One more note, and that is if you have a non-coffee lover in your family as I do—I make two glass dishes—one smaller one with the cookies dipped into cold chocolate instead of coffee. And that’s why when you find yourself with extra cookies from the delightfully large economy package of Ladyfingers from your local Italian deli, you’ll be able to make this non-coffee extra!

Obviously you will need more of the above mentioned ingredients to make this second dish. Spend the money! you and your family and guests are worth it!