Two Poems: Grey Sparrow Journal Tow poems: Grey Sparrow Journal

Tow poems: Grey Sparrow Journal

Here are two of my poems that have just been published online in the Grey Sparrow Journal

Two poems by: Nina Romano

The Moon and Me on Water-Heavy Nights

On a water-heavy nights like this, I’m caught between a think-piece
movie and sleep—the scenes replay as I fight sheet, blanket and pillow.

I stalk the house barefoot. Moonglow ignites the cool flooring, etching
a passageway to the kitchenette where I drink from the faucet and fret,

knowing, I need sleep as tomorrow’s a holiday and I have to cook.
Moonshadows cast beams through the window’s glass on this night,

water-heavy, when my mind, segueing the moon commandeering
the tides, floats in space then dives into aquatic depths,

seeking unsolvable solutions, asking questions scientists still dispute,
repeating lines from the movie I’ve lived before in another Universe.


Looking out the window of my wash room,
snow swirls carpet the mountains.
I envision women swathed in white,
removing the burqa covering their faces
safe now from purdah, in the sanctuary
of a cave or grotto household.

As they kneel on woven rugs
washing clothes in buckets with chilblain hands,
so chapped and cracked,
the rinse water bleeds red.
Frozen hands, gnarled and knotted,
this frozen moment in time.

In the hush of my mountain home,
a prayer escapes my lips
for women in other mountain dwellings,
for women on washday,
throughout the year.